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Quality is good. From an extremely rare print.
All information from THE CLARA BOW PAGE

Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. April 6, 1929 (copyright: April 5, 1929; LP279). Sd (Movietone); b&w. 35mm. 7 reels, 7,167 ft. (Also si; 6,036 ft.)

Directed by: Dorth Arzner. Screenplay: E. Lloyd Sheldon. Dialogue: E. Lloyd Sheldon, John V.A. Weaver. Titles: E. Lloyd Sheldon, George Marion, Jr. Story: Warner Fabian. Photographed by: Victor Milner. Film Editing: Otto Lovering. Theme Song: "My Wild Party Girl" Leo Robin, Richard Whiting. Recording Engineer: Earl Hayman. Wardrobe: Travis Banton.

Cast: Clara Bow (Stella Ames), Frederic March (Gil Gilmore), Shirley O'Hara (Helen Owens), Marceline Day (Faith Morgan), Joyce Compton (Eva Tutt), Adrienne Dore (Babs), Virginia Thomas (Tess), Jean Lorraine (Ann), Kay Bryant (Thelma), Alice Adair (Maisie), Renee Whitney (Janice), Amo Ingram (Jean), Marguerite Cramer (Gwen), Jack Oakie (Al), Phillips R. Holmes (Phil), Ben Hendricks, Jr. (Ed), Jack Luden (George), Jack Raymond (Balaam).


Stella Ames, a flapper at an exclusive girls' college, falls inlove with Gil Gilmore, the new anthropology professor. Gil rescues Stella from a masher at a roadhouse and falls inlove with her as well. Stella's roommate is involved in a minor scandal, and Stella takes the blame, resigning from school. Knowing her innocence, Gil resigns his post and goes to find her. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

DISCLAIMER: Buyer to pay shipping. No rights given or implied. This is NOT a studio made video. This movie has never been released by a major studio video company and is sold from one collector to another. This movie is believed to be in the public domain and is offered for private use as between collectors for historical purposes. Movies transferred from rare film or television prints. No other rights including the right to public performance are given or implied. Tape is recorded at SP (Standard Play) in NTSC standard. Buyer agrees to pay shipping. The movies I have on auction are not available on video through the major companies and are believed to be in the public domain. I offer these RARE movies as a service to other collectors. Please add 3.20 for priority shipping and handling.